Welcome to my website! From here you can click on the other topics under the “heading” and learn about my Art Shows, see some of my Artworks, read my Biography, see my Contact information, and look at postings in the Archives, under Karen West talks about art.

On October 11, 12 & 18, 19,  10-5 pm, Karen’s studio will be open for 2 weekends of ARTrails 2014, supported by the Sebastopol Arts Association. You can also pick-up a catalog & map to see the other studios in Sonoma County.


In the blogs to the bottom right, July, 2010 I listed my upcoming art shows.  In September, 2010 I talked about my reparations. December, 2010, I talked about doing new paintings. March, 2011, I re- viewed Art in the Park and Art Trails 2010.

July 18, 2011, I talked about painting in the summer at the studio and some new paintings I’ve started!

September, 2011, I talked about Art in the Park and about ARTrails 2011. I also told about my vision problem caused by Myasthenia Gravis.

June 16, 2012, I talked about my upcoming eye surgery and Myasthenia Gravis treatments and about my new paintings.

August 13, 2013, I talked about my art work and progress with my eyes.



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